Proper, Suitable, and Full Of Purpose

Happy Tribelife Tuesday! I am so excited you are here today. Take a moment and look out your window. What kind of day is it? Crisp and sunshiny? Cool and cloudy? Is it all out storming? Whatever is happening out there, do you see beauty? 

My favorite kind of day is a cool, cloudy one, which is probably why I love autumn and winter so much. 

I like spring a little less, because of the storms that it brings. And certainly, my least favorite season is summer, because me and the heat are not friends. Yet, the truth is there is beauty in every season. In the spring the storms bring with them new life and growth, then comes the summer where the earth buds at a rapid rate as it embraces the sun and all its glory! Then in autumn the rhythm of rest comes as we prepare to hibernate, and finally winter arrives and it seems like all goes still awaiting the arrival of the cycle to begin again. It’s a magnificent process, but I am not here to write about weather patterns, today I want to focus on seasons, both expected and unexpected. For the purpose of our discussion, let’s go with this definition of season: a proper or suitable time. 

In life we are offered the opportunity to live in seasons. I can think back to many moments in my life that seemed neither proper or suitable but all is for purpose, whether it's known or unknown at the time. My life has certainly mirrored that of nature's seasons. Honestly, that’s probably one of the reason I always feel drawn to places that have 4 seasons, I love that rhythm. 

My spring- a time in my life that definitely mirrored spring was the first few years of my marriage. It was in full bloom with plenty of storms. I got married at the brisk age of 21 and was confident that it was the right time to make that leap into FOREVER. But we probably should have slowed down a bit and waited a little longer. So, as the result of impatience, we experienced a few more storms than we needed to. I remember not having much of anything as we were learning to budget properly and spend accordingly; it was rough. What a stormy few years that was! Thank goodness that season is over. 

My summer- please someone turn down the heat… Once spring has come and gone, the days are long and the nights short. I think Joe and I are in a summer season now. We’ve found a groove and have begun to journey in tandem. Life is moving rapidly and we are pursuing dreams, setting goals, attaining them and, with the sun shining down us, we are soaking up all we can. I am so enjoying where we are right now and am grateful for this beautiful season. 

My autumn- the sweetest season there is. R.E.S.T. This is one I fight for. Probably the most difficult one for me even though I love it the most. How does one rest when there is so much to do? There is something that happens to me when I see the leaves begin to change colors and air begin to get cool and crisp. This season screams family to me. Maybe because Thanksgiving falls in this time or all the neighborhood traditions that happen; it’s just the best! Autumn is my time to be seated, to breathe deep, and embrace rest. Nature does it, so it must be important. There is something about Autumn that makes me more present than any other season. I watch closer and stop quicker. Prior to 1600 A.D. autumn was referred to as “harvest", and truly it is a time for me to step back, see all the work done in the year and all that was produced, and simply enjoy. 

My winter- the season of hibernation. This is what we prepare for all year. I think we face more “winter” seasons then we’d like. They're harsh and unbiased. There is no amount of preparation that can prepare you a winter storm. It sometimes comes out of nowhere and traps you. This is the hardest of all seasons. It's dark and dismal and absolutely necessary. There is no one who is exempt from winter. I’ve come to understand that often times the only way to bright blooms is through harsh atmospheres. So, if you are currently in winter, stay steadfast, spring always comes. 

So what season are you in today? Are you basking in the sun of summer? Enjoying the rest of autumn? Drudging through the difficulties of winter? Or smelling the new growth that is blooming before you? Also, do you have your tribe with you? Because, as you know, everything’s better with the tribe. 

Embrace the season you’re in because when it’s over you will want to have gone through it well. 

Thank you for reading, see you next Tuesday.

Carrie Alford