God Bless America (part 1)

Happy TribeLife Tuesday!  

Let’s keep it short today.  

The 4th of July is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY because I love this country.  

Why do I love this country you ask? Our heritage - ownership and honor.  

For clarity’s sake, let’s use the definitions below: 

    Ownership: the act, state, or right of possessing something 

    Honor: high respect; esteem

I can’t begin to say enough about my love for the USA. Not because we do everything right or even a lot right, but because this is my home. Our society is plagued by controversy, we seem to see it left and right, and I think so much of this stems from a lack of ownership. When I think about those who made history and left legacies, each one of them had this one thing in common - ownership. They saw a problem and brought solutions. Their actions were loud and their words quiet.  

People who actually change the world do something, they don’t just talk about it. I have found that I say more than I’d like and do less than I should, a habit I am actively working on reversing. While I will probably never serve in our military, I will do all that I can to contribute good things to society. You see, society doesn’t get to tell us how to live, unless we let it. Let’s live up to the legacy that has been left for us: to be strong, brave, humble people.

Next, let’s discuss honor. This is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood words there is. I think the action of honor looks different in each circumstance but the heart of honor is the same no matter what. To me, honor looks like whitewater rafting: it’s rapid, turbulent, uncomfortable, and scary but the raft stays the course into gentle, more shallow waters. Honor is hard sometimes but it is the worthy choice every time. 

So today I honor our great nation, our government, and leadership. And, with deepest gratitude, I say thank you to the servicemen and women who willingly protect us. And to those who have lost someone in service to me and this country, I honor you and your loved one's legacy. 

Let’s choose ownership and honor today.  

Thank you for reading! 

See you next Tuesday.