Untitled & Internal

Happy TribeLife Tuesday! 

We start with a title this week…

A while ago I jotted down the 3 words, untitled and internal, knowing something great was being born. While this is what we are calling this week’s blog, I somewhat feel that this is currently the banner over my life. 

Titles can be endearing announcements of who you are or what position you hold—maybe a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, or maybe even more than one. They can also be achievements you've worked hard for—titles including doctor, engineer, psychologist, CEO, president, senator, police officer, or captain to name a few. 

But titles can also be a far off hope. They can fill a void or create it. They can mask a pain or be a healing balm to an open wound. Either way, there is power and identity attached—and with each title comes an unspoken responsibility. It’s what keeps our families, our tribes, and our society healthy and thriving. 

This stark white banner that is waving subtly over me has spoken whispers that can only be heard in the calm of night. It says, “Go after that fear,"and “You can do it.” It sweeps over me with a kind of beauty that is only found in surrender and rest. To the logical mind it can seem contradictory, but to the soul that beckons for more—it’s a faithful, fearless confidant. 

You see, it is this internal narrative that plays on repeat about going after my dreams But what are they? What are my dreams? I have always had lofty goals that I have called dreams, but I can’t recall ever reckoning with something so far outside myself, my capabilities, or outside the realm of possibility that I could lend my life too. 

So here we are. The banner is waving, my soul shaking, and I'm paralyzed by hope and terror on the inside. Because finally, something so insanely unrealistic has hit me: an opportunity to pursue a dream I didn’t even know existed.

So today, I sit here typing these words out, putting together sentences that may not even make sense. But I am UNTITLED and exploring my INTERNAL world with fierce commitment and bravery to uncover unseen territory. 

Is there unexplored territory in your heart that you want to uncover?

~ Carrie

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