Hosted by The Night

“Her shining light will not be extinguished no matter how dark the night.” - King Solomon

The night season has a tendency to come quickly and overstay the welcome it was never given. There is so much of me that hates the night season, yet each time it has come it has left me profoundly better.

So, pull up a chair and let’s dine on the feast that the night season offers.

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

What is a “night season”? It’s a moment of time that is fraught with darkness. Everyone’s dark is different so I will withdrawal any examples that come to mind and let you determine your dark. It’s a season we all experience when the light fades and the depth of grey appears.

You never know how long a season is going to last until it’s over. Seasons don’t show up on your door with a detailed itinerary and a breakdown of their arrival and departure information. Their parameters are fluid and trying to gauge the mystery of start and finish is an impossible feat.

Night is a metaphor for this seemingly lightless moment in time. And I say, “moment" because most of the time, on the other side of night, when you’re standing in light sunbathing your face you realize how momentary it was. Even if it felt like an eternity when you were in it.

How delightful the feast!

The table is set, the meal laid out. Our host, the night, has much to offer. There is the cup of contentment, the carefully sliced tender pieces of identity, the bottomless side of patience, the layered sweetness of relinquishment, and the covering of rest that wipes away every imperfection, mess, and spill.

Why feast with the night? Why accept its offering? Why come to the table?

When you come to the table in your night season you get perspective. While this feels as if you are all alone, in the shadows, around the solid oak table, are others. The tribe is at the table. Your place is set and always there for you. And the thing about the feast is that your tribe partakes with you.

There are revelation treasures that will only be found in the darkness; things that daylight has not had the depth to share.

The “feels" of night.

Night seasons are the times when it feels the darkest, and to be frank, it probably is the darkest. It’s in these times where you feel the most alone, when you feel the least equipped, where you are the most vulnerable, and when your perspective is the muddiest. But remember, these are just feels. Lean into the brilliance of your spirit and the vastness of your soul. Breathe deep and rest when you want to run. Remember what you are made of and for.

You are layered with goodness.

You are a treasure to be mined for.

You are the chasm between light and dark.

Wield your light with grace and navigate the darkness with unrelenting passion.


Cheers to the you!


Carrie Alford