To Know or Be Known that is the question!

Happy February! 

This beautiful month represents so much. It’s Black History month, where we have the privilege of honoring those who have gone before us, those who have had the courage to pioneer in the face of all kinds of adversity. For each of these kinsmen, known and unknown, I am grateful. 

February is also the Love month and I think it’s the PERFECT month to unpack the notion of "Being Known". Our title is a bit of a catch twenty-two because I believe it’s both. The question is, can we truly know others and allow ourselves to be known?

Throughout the next several weeks we will peel back the layers of this, as we target the core. 

So let’s begin. 

Have you ever been asked, “Do you know so & so?” We probably all have at one point or another and in a matter of milliseconds, 1,000 other questions run through our minds if we are unsure about our relationship with that said person. This simple question can be daunting because it will naturally draw out any insecurities surrounding the relationship. So let’s table that for a moment... We will be back to pick it up soon. 

What is it to be “known"? We don’t get here, the place of being known, without exposing THE BIG ONE…our vulnerability. You see being known is all about being able to show yourself to those around you—your truest self. Nothing can or will stay hidden when you allow others to fully see you. This is not always easy because we all struggle with fear as we wonder, “Will they accept me?” And fear always stirs the internal question, “Am I worthy of love?” Now, of course, I believe you are—but do you believe you are? 

It is a privilege to be known and embraced for who you are. It is a privilege to be able to show up and say in confidence, “I am here and I matter." This, my friends, is risky business—but when was the last time something worth having didn’t involve risk? I have yet to see a case in a healthy relationship where one person was fully known and the other was completely hidden. Be it positive or negative, everyday you are showing your known-ness. But it is always up to you what you will be known for. 

Allowing yourself to be known is an incredible gift. I encourage you to let your guard down with someone you love and choose to trust this week. Grant them access to a place you’ve kept hidden, and just see what happens. 

See you next Tuesday. 

Carrie Alford