The Disease of Entitlement

Happy TribeLife Tuesday! I hope these words find you well. 

Today I want to share with you a pain I feel for a growing epidemic. This epidemic is spreading and there is an antidote but it seems as though many reject it. This epidemic is called Entitlement and it is a disease that can and will rot the soul of humanity. 

Entitlement is the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. It’s a dangerous disease and it is threatening the life of an overwhelming majority in our country. As I look back over our history as a nation (the USA, that is) the disease has seemed to grow the most over the last quarter century give or take a few years. This craving for recognition, acceptance by others above all else, unaddressed pain points from former generations, etc. are spreading this sickness. 

There are real, inhumane, gross, tragic things have happened in our country and around the world. Things that no society should ever have to endure. But how can we acknowledge those injustices and move forward with hope and courage?

I think  we wrestle- wrestle with the pain. It’s ok to be hurt and not have an answer to let pain take it’s course. It will heal over time. Next, we honor - we honor those who suffered. I have found one of the most effective ways to keep my view accurate view is Honor. It’s a beautifully humbling experience for the giver and delightful gift for the receiver. Lastly, we forgive- we forgive those who have inflicted pain on us whether directly or indirectly, because if we don’t we create the perfect breeding ground for entitlement. Practically this may not look like you reaching out to every person who has ever hurt and telling them you’re fine. This resolution is for you. Release them from your brain space and say it out loud. I forgive you __________ for _________. This is a powerful way to build your immune system against entitlement. 

And then they’re are our VITAL, DAILY antidotes: 

  • Thankfulness for what you have and for the future 

  • Gratitude for who you have around 

  • Kindness to strangers 

  • Empathy for another

  • Serving to someone who needs your help

These undoubtedly will keep this disease of entitlement at bay. 

We all carry the disease it’s a matter of how much of you, that you allow to be consumed. In our western culture we have been afforded a lot of opportunities and I personally can overlook that at times as a right. It’s not. It’s a gift to be treated as such. 

Tell us, what is one way you fight the disease of entitlement?

See you next week,