Purpose - Wonder - Routine Pt. 1

Happy TribeLife Tuesday!

Today is special day. A special day because it’s today. It's another shot at living, at walking tall with your head held high. Today is a special day because we get the opportunity to be present and live fully. As of late, I am having to remind myself of these words. The monotony of every day, the somewhat systematic way of living a constant routine drives me mad when there is no break in sight. 

It’s easy to get swept away in the doing of living instead of the life of living. When our days turned months turned years become routine, procedure, and accomplishing tasks, the color of life seems to fade to a gray scale. I mean not to devalue routine, procedure, and task because they are important to function—but for those to be all of life would be a disservice to your heart and mind. Now if I am being completely honest (I know that I'm often perceived as a "throw it all to the wind" kind of girl, which I am totally okay with) there is something grounding about order and function. It’s a necessary comrade. I have discovered, from my own self-study, that when I am all order and no wonder I am not my full self.

I am sure there is some balance in these, but currently balance is my arch nemesis. It seems as though when I chase it down, it hides in the shadows avoiding all capture. One day balance will be found, but for now, I am living in such a swirl of mystery that balance is my kryptonite. It’s impossible to balance the unknown. Which leads me right to your front door today to deliver your invitation! Join me on this open, messy, adventure into mystery. Take a moment, breathe deep, and ask yourself this question: Am I in the wonder of living or the system of living today?

I have wrestled more so than not lately with these gigantic questions: What am I here for? What difference was I put on earth to make? And honestly, I don’t know if there is one answer. It’s so layered and interconnected that it seems as though a single answer wouldn't be sufficient. When I think about our “purposes” I envision a dimly lit, cold I.T. closet. You know, the kind where they keep all the computer servers and there are a gazillion cords leading here and there, leading you back to a connection, and over and over again. Doesn’t that sound a little like life? One connection that leads to another that leads to another, then redirects and takes a hard left turn. You could have never anticipated getting here through all of those connections and twists and turns—but you did. 

I believe much of our purpose is connected with or to our tribe. Near or far, they hold pieces of purpose for us. That’s why it is so important to always be open and tender and compassionate to those who are put in your path. Because you never know where a conversation, a relationship, or a moment may lead or what it may uncover in us. Taking a break from the monotony of life awakens parts of us that lay dormant because they have to. Who can seriously get all the data correct in that spreadsheet when they are sitting in the middle of Disney World? Literally no one. There is too much magic to explore, too many fabulous distractions. 

So whats the point? 

Don’t lose the wonder in living! If you feel like you have, or maybe that it’s not even your “personality,” I would implore you to search again. Ask for help to see the wonder.

I would love to hear from you. Where are you living today? In color or on the grey scale? And how do you embrace the wonder? 

I am excited to hear from you. Until Then!