Headed Down A Dimly Lit Road of Uncertainty

Happy TribeLife Tuesday! 

Let’s talk today on something I have strayed away from for a myriad of reasons. Each one of you who join us here, on the blog, are our tribe and I am always wanting to make sure that I share my world authentically and accurately and that I manage my influence carefully. It is my desire that in this tribe I steward myself well as well as the content I publish. Which bring us to today, there is so much divisiveness in our culture without the willingness to understand. It seems as though the stories that are getting the most attention are less than flattering of mankind. The lack of empathy due to principle is inhuman. So I have made it a point to work hard at prioritizing people over all the other things; that connection would be the #1 goal, even in the middle of disagreement. So let’s jump into this. 

In October of 2017, exactly one year ago this month, I took a leap. Well not just me, but my husband and me. For about 10 months I felt this change coming but had no idea what it was and honestly I was wondrously intimidated. This tent of unsettledness became my home and it was… well it just was. Have you ever been there? Where you can feel change coming but you have no idea what it is? 

That is where I lived and really still live a lot of my time there. We left our full time jobs and went on the hunt for purpose. For our Life’s Calling. We untethered ourselves from everything we knew, everything that was safe and comfortable and headed down the dimly lit road of uncertainty. What a thrilling and scary and hard and growing dark path it has been. 

It’s on this path where we have 2 options: hope or anxiety. Hope that someone bigger than us is watching out for us, or anxiety of the unknown. I chose a little of both to be honest in the beginning and still do sometimes. I would weave in and out of each emotion (and believe me, the anxiousness was much more taxing that the hope). But in order to hope I had to make a conscious decision to negate the feeling of anxiety to tell my mind and heart that this will work for good. A life lesson I learned from a dear friend. 

I continue to see a pattern in our life: R I S K. It seems like the opportunity to stretch presents itself pretty often to us. I could not risk like we have and will continue to, if it were all up to me. Thats too much pressure. 

So let’s go back to that someone bigger than you or me. I’m a firm believer that I would be super lame and probably try and play it real safe if I were navigating this life on my own—but I'm not. I have the big guy upstairs, God, and He really does have my back. I see it all the time. I love God fiercely and in my loving Him I can’t help but love humanity, even in their sometimes meanness. But this is the weight I wrestle with at times. I would never want my beliefs to deter someone from getting to know me or vice versa. Alas, I have landed where I wanted to get to: God, people, empathy. 

I love that people have different views than me and different life practices than I do. It’s a beautiful addition to living. So I would like to implore you today to find someone different than you and get to know them. Put down the spikes of judgement that are so easily thrown from behind the curtain of distance and get up close. Ask questions. Be kind. These are the things that change the world quite literally. 

Let’s do this!

~ Carrie 

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