TribeLife Tuesdays Take 72

I am super excited that we’re beginning this new year together. It has been an absolute blast blogging for the past 71 weeks and I am grateful to be here, now, with you. This blog has been a blank sheet of paper for me to take all the unsteadiness in and around me, put it into words, and release it. Although this space is very public it is equally private for me. TribeLife Tuesdays is a place of freedom and commitment. As much as it is a window where you get to peer into my world, it is also the place where I open the blinds each week and let the light in. So, brave one, thank you for joining my journey. 

Over the course of the next 51 weeks, I hope to inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you. This month I will share about a notion that really embodies TribeLife: "Live Fully and Be Present". This is sometimes a struggle for me, but I continue working because this is a phrase I want to characterize my life. When I ask myself, “Carrie, what does it look like to live fully?” My answer is that it is living powerfully in my strengths. It’s recognizing my limitations and being able to admire and celebrate the gifts in those around me. Living fully looks like embracing who you are and surrounding yourself with people who are strong where you are weak. This is for the good of all. It takes a wise and confident person to acknowledge their subpar and invite others in to help fill that void.  

Living fully is me wanting to offer the best of who I am to each experience and interaction that I have. From the checkout line in the grocery store, to speaking in front of a crowd, to the quiet moments of reflection at home, living fully means being content in any situation. It’s choosing to care for yourself, body, soul, and spirit. 

One of the craziest ways I have approached living fully in the past several months has been to face fear head-on. I purposely did the things I was scared to do. Now I live in a state of being uncomfortable, but I won’t go back to living the fear of possibility. I won’t return to fearing that if I risk, something bad will happen. Has this process been easy? NO! But, I would choose no other way to live. Daily, I am learning to trust myself more in the process. 

I appeal to you today, don’t wait until you become or obtain these certain qualities to share yourself with the world. We want to see you, the authentic, realest version of you, because that’s where you find the tribe you belong to. 

Remember that you are loved.

Thank you so much for reading. 

See you next Tuesday.