Create Good Things

Happy TribeLife Tuesday! 

    Last week we asked the question: what does it look like to live fully and be present? It looks like living powerfully in my strengths, recognizing my limitations, and being able to admire and celebrate the gifts in those around me. Living fully looks like embracing who I am and surrounding myself with people who are strong where I am weak. This is who I want to be without giving it a thought. I want this to flow out of me, I am working on it. 

    We all have this innate desire to live purposefully; we hope and believe that within our purpose is where we’ll find our fullness. But how do we get to that place where we’re walking in fullness? I used to believe it was when I found (or created) my dream job, or married my dream man, or lived in the house I always wanted, but I have found that it is so much more than that. We can be living fully in what we are doing today, in who we are married to, in the kids we are raising, in the home we are in right now. It just takes perspective. You are right where you need to be today, do you believe that?

Finding the beauty and purpose in the everyday is like going on a  treasure hunt. We have the privilege to search for this buried treasure!

Sometimes good, purposeful things just happen to us; we don't work for them or earn them, they are freely given. Other times we go create good things and this is the space that I want to hunker down in for a while. What does it look like to create good things? And how can you adopt a fullness perspective? You have access to everything you need. Let’s dive in!  

    1 - Create Good Things. This is something each of us can do. Whether big or small, you can create good things and make someone’s day better.  

Here are some ideas:  Surprise a co-worker with a card filled with kind words and maybe a gift card to buy a cup of coffee on you. Create a memory with your kiddos. I, personally, love watching the planes fly overhead. As I stare up at the sky, I dream about where I would be coming from or I journal about what my future will look like. In this quiet space, I reflect on what I am grateful for, the little and big things along the journey that got me exactly where I am in this moment. 

Bottom line, do for others what you wish someone would do for you. You have the power to create good things.  

    2 - Adopt the fullness perspective. Taking action is the most effective way of doing this; you will never know what you are fully capable of until you push past your comfort and punch fear in the face by taking action. A great way to adopt this fullness perspective is through saying affirmations and journaling. Yes gentlemen, this is for you too. Get the feelings, the thoughts, everything, out on paper, sit in it, then leave it there. It’s weird at first, but you get to know yourself in a very powerful way. When it comes to the affirmations, put them up somewhere you will see them every day and at the start of the day (i.e. the wall you see when sit up in bed, the bathroom mirror, etc.) and say them out loud every morning. Here are some suggestions:  

        My heart is overflowing with joy.

        I am happy and enthusiastic about life.

        I easily find solutions to challenges and roadblocks and move past them quickly.

        I see fear as the fuel for my success and take bold action in spite of fear.

        I live in the present and am confident in my future.

        I have integrity. I am totally reliable. I do what I say.

        I approve of myself and love myself deeply and completely.

        I fully accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.

        My body is healing and I feel better and better every day.

        I pay attention and listen to what my body needs for health and vitality.    

Once you have spoken over yourself these amazing, powerful, and truthful words in the 1st person, transition into the 2nd person and tell yourself the YOU will, you are, etc. If you commit and stay consistent in doing this for just one month, the fullness perspective will organically show up in your speech and actions, I guarantee it. Doing this has changed my life! It has expanded my view.  

Remember that you can live fully, create good things for yourself and others, and live a with a fullness perspective! 

Thank you for reading.

See you next Tuesday!