Permission to Discover

Let's go on an adventure today! Will you join me?

My favorite adventures ALWAYS involve road trips. The desire to be on the road in the fall is overwhelming at times excitingly suffocating. I love to travel, I love to be in new places, and I love going back to old favorites. For years I thought that adventure and fun were tied to locations, instead of being embedded deep -within the journey. But now I know better: beauty is found in the excitement of going and the joy of being there. You see, on an adventure it’s all about being present and letting go!

Let go of mental limitations, let go of the NEED to be, the NEED to do, and give yourself permission to discover. When you allow yourself to dig deep into you, you’ll find you are more incredible than you give yourself credit for. There is so much that life is offering you, it's just waiting for you to accept the invitation. 

Jon Levy, a behavioral scientist and the author or The 2am Principle: Discover the Science of Adventure, says “adventure is an experience that is exciting and remarkable, presents a perceived risk, and leads to personal growth. The true gift of adventure is not in achieving some goal, but in the person you become in the process.”

I don’t think I could agree with Mr. Levy any more. The process is glorious, it’s messy, it’s revealing, but it is oh so worth it. Looking into yourself and choosing to cultivate what is already inside of you, is the best gift you can give to yourself. Why? Because you will be able offer your best, most authentic self to the world, and that is the point. We don’t want a counterfeit you. This is absolutely possible with commitment and willingness.

So it begs the questions: who is walking your process with you? Who is around you, cheering you on? Who is in the trenches and on the mountaintops with you? 

Process is a wonder all its own, but process with your people is vital. Journeying with others adds gusto to your life and zest to your experiences. They help our perspectives stay accurate. Tribe helps us remember who we are. Your tribe can be thought of as life support — they’re that big of a deal!

What does it look like to do such a thing? To see the glory of adventure. 

For me, it looks like searching out the beauty in the everyday. I don’t get live my life on year-round geographical adventures yet, but I feel like this moment in my life is offering me a lesson that will resound in my heart forever. I am being taught to see the glory in everyday things.  

Here is my hope for you: 

    That you embrace becoming the realest, rawest you!

    That, if you haven’t already, you would find your tribe and embrace them fully. 

    That you would never be afraid to adventure. 

    And that you would give yourself permission to discover the beauty, the wonder in everyday.


Thank you for reading.

See you next Tuesday.




Carrie AlfordComment