Expansive Thoughts and Narrow Paths

Happy TribeLife Tuesday! 

I love meeting you here each week and sharing parts of my heart and life with you. You are amazing! 

Today’s post is an inside look into the current path I’m walking and I’m excited to have you along for the journey. 

Do you remember the last time you let yourself dive into a dream? 

Was it during childhood? You know the daydream that envelopes you while sitting at your desk, as the warm sun shined on you through the classroom windows.

Or is it the goal kind of dream that resides in your heart, electrifying you as it waits to make its entrance into the world? You know the one where you go, I wish my life looked like ______, or I cant wait til my life looks like ________. 

Well that’s what I want to share with you today. I am the girl who will tell you to go after your dreams 100% of the time. I believe that literally nothing can't be done; no dream is impossible. Size is irrelevant when it comes to dreaming and I’m a big fan of the “go big or go home” mentality. You see, there is something very real inside each of us that screams P U R P O S E. It’s an innate void that craves to filled by doing something meaningful. It’s the pedestal that you shine brightly on, it’s the "this is what I was made to do” pedestal where you feel nearly complete and the satisfaction is seemingly overwhelming. 

I find myself in that place when I travel, when I am with my tribe, and when I’m sharing my heart. 

So how does any of this have to do with expansive thoughts and narrow paths? 

Here it is: my thoughts are a current all their own. They swirl, they move back and forth, and their ebb and flow would probably scare anyone who dared to get inside my mind. But they are mine and it’s up to me to navigate these tumultuous thoughts well. 

My thoughts often expand and contract so rapidly that sometimes it seems chaotic. But when they meet the narrow, untrodden, dimly lit path, the swirling thoughts submit. What are they submitting to? To discipline, to consistency, to the unknown, to bravery. 

It’s on the narrow path where the big dreams take shape and are built on the firmest of foundations. Although the path can look and feel unsteady, don’t be deceived, it is secure. And that’s the funny thing about deception, you don’t know you’re being deceived. That’s why, even on the narrowest paths, with the swirling of many thoughts, you must make sure you are surrounded by your T R I B E! If nothing else, they are a safe place, sounding board, a protection. 

Open up and invite them in. 

Thank you so much for reading!

See you next week. 

Carrie Alford