Meet Carrie


Carrie Alford is one of the Founders of Tribe Life and she embodies every bit of Tribe.

She is one of four children and her immediate family has a whopping 17 people around the dinner table - talk about a feast! She grew up in South Florida, where she met and married her husband Joe almost ten years ago. Carrie and Joe do not currently have kids but are on a radical adoption journey. They long to have a family that speaks the language of diversity in love, especially since Carrie came from a family just like that.

At the end of 2013, these tribers felt a pull to go after the next part of their life though they were unsure of what exactly that was. Even with questions and uncertainty, they packed up their car and headed west, where they landed in Dallas, TX.

No one is ever a stranger to Carrie and, if you don’t know her, you will before the night is over. She lights up each room she walks in and is committed to living her life on mission. Her fervor for wellness: body, soul, and spirit, is a driving force behind every product she produces and each service she offers. 

Having worked in both corporate and nonprofit, Carrie has a well-rounded view of business, seeing how these distinct types benefit each other and contribute beautifully to the health of society. Her goal is to be independently wealthy so there is never a need she can’t meet, a dream she can’t fund, or a debt she can’t pay. 


Carrie's Favorite Things

Young Living Essential Oils

Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

Wax and Oils Candles